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1000 Cubes for 1000 Chickens

By: Tyler Fisher

Solving 1000 Rubik cubes for 1000 chickens in 7 hours appears impossible, but Tingman is up for the challenge.  Read more

Rebel Moon (A Streaming Film Review)

By: Oli Phillips 

So the story goes… director Zack Snyder wanted to make a Star Wars film and Lucas film said “No”, so Snyder said, “alright, I’ll just do my own thing” and thus, Rebel Moon was born. Read more

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Gardening

By: Lorrene McClymont

Since the pandemic, my Instagram feed has been steadily filling up with sourdough, chickens, and beautiful homegrown produce. Read more

Slow Down into the New Year

By: Lorrene McClymont

All around me, people are setting intentions for the new year, making resolutions, creating change, and re-evaluating their lives. Read more

10 Indoor Activities For Summer

By: Lorrene McClymont 

In the heat of summer, sometimes the best option for parents with kids, is to stay home and enjoy the air-conditioning. Read more

‘One Piece’ is Spectacular, Bizarre, Uplifting [Netflix Review]

By: Oli Phillips

Spectacle, memorable characters, bizarre visuals and a whole lot of heart. These are the building blocks of the most fun and uplifting show on streaming this year! Read more

Mixed Reviews for New Star Wars Spin-Off ‘Ahsoka’

By: Oli Phillips 

After a lot of anticipation, the full Star Wars series has been released. Read more

Will you Help Emojis Rule The World?

By: Dr Pete Court

Emojis are the new global language. The democratised, adaptable communication of the future. Read more

Extraction 2: Light on Story, Big on Entertaining Action (Movie Review)

By: 1079Life

Starring Australia’s own Chris Hemsworth and directed by Sam Hargrave, Extraction 2 is a Netflix exclusive action film in the vein of Red Notice & The Gray Man before it. Read more