Finding Hope: A Young Man Improving Lives Through Science Textbooks

By: Georgia Free

Corey Tutt lives and breathes his passion for science. A proud Indigenous man, 29-year-old Corey has worked among animals since he was 16 – as a zookeeper, alpaca shearer and an animal technician. He’s also the founder of Deadly Science – an initiative which has seen 16,000 science books sent to remote Indigenous schools across Australia. Read more

Empowering Our Kids For Community

By: Robert Garrett

Empowerment is a concept synonymous with our times. We hear a lot about the empowerment of women, teens, and other groups in society. But I’m not entirely sure we all share the same understanding of what empowerment means. Read more

Prayers for Missing Hunter Region Boy Unites Different Religious Communities

By: Amy Cheng

Religious communities are rejoicing and praising God after their prayers for a missing three-year-old boy were answered. Read more

Australians on the Move

By: McCrindle

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data on regional migration shows losses in NSW and VIC (-4,500 and -4,900) whereas QLD, WA and even SA grew (+7,000, +1600 and +600). Read more

City Bible Forum Celebrates 30 Years of Helping People Do Ministry in Their Workplaces

By: Amy Cheng

Thirty years ago, the only group for Christian workers was a lunchtime service that sung hymns; today, over 800 Christian workers are meeting in small groups across Sydney. Read more

Blokes Need to Bond: Men’s Health Week 2021

By: Michael Crooks

It is crucial for men to remain connected to their close network of family and friends, particularly during the pandemic. Read more

We Need a New Renaissance of Faith. These Three Commitments Can Help

By: Sheridan Voysey

Five hundred years ago the Renaissance brought an explosion of art, science, geographical discovery and religious ideas into the world. What would it take to see a new renaissance (rebirth) of wisdom, creativity, community and faith in this coming decade? Read more

You Can’t Love God and Hate People

By: Sabrina Peters

It’s a paradox to confess how much you “love God,” but then dislike (or even despise) people. Worse yet degrade, criticise and or even condemn someone based on their beliefs, preferences or shortcomings. Read more

The Letterbox Project: Connecting Isolated Australians Through Old-Fashioned Letters

By: Georgia Free

There’s something so special about writing a letter to someone, or, perhaps even better, receiving a letter. Read more

Wear Hope-Coloured Glasses

By: yesHEis

It’s easy to become distracted and forget that people matter most. They matter more than our busy lives and more than our goals and our dreams. While we exist for God’s pleasure, we experience purpose by caring and loving others. The question is, how do we keep people as the priority amidst so many distractions? Read more