4 Big Lies Christians Believe In Our Fracturing Age

By: Akos Balogh

Our world is fracturing.

It’s fracturing across many issues: from politics to race; from climate change to gender. And as it fractures, it becomes more and more tribal. People self-sort into groups that think the same way and often act the same way. And social media turbocharges this polarisation. Read more

Autism Celebrated, Those Struggling with Alcohol and Addiction Embraced in ‘The Chosen’

By: Laura Bennett

While a lot of Christian movies and series seek to be aspirational or inspiring, it’s rare to find one that’s been as truly ground-breaking as The Chosen – the first multi-series dramatisation of Jesus’ life and that of his disciples. Read more

Breaking Language Barriers: New Tech Giving Real-Time Translations

By: Sam Robinson

Communication might be about to get a whole lot easier with a new piece of tech allowing translation in real-time. Read more

The Note I Found of the Boy Pointing the Gun at His Head

By: Stephen McAlpine

I was cleaning up around the front doors of the school building we use for church on Sunday (yes, our state is open, our church is gathering on). Read more

What Happens If We Lose Religious Freedom? Here’s What Few People Realise

By: Akos Balogh

Religious freedom is under increasing pressure in Australia and much of the West. Read more

Listening is What’s Missing From Our World, Says ‘Black Imagination’ Artist Natasha Marin

By: Laura Bennett

You walk into an art gallery and the moment you do, you are blindfolded. You feel uncomfortable but suddenly attune to auditory stories playing around you. Read more

Church’s Silence on Sex has Led Christians to Look to the World for Answers

By: Amy Cheng

Most Christians’ understanding of sex and sexuality has been shaped by the world because the church has been largely silent about the issue, according to an expert on God and sexuality. Read more

A Letter To My Sons About Becoming Good Men (In a Culture That Degrades Females)

By: Akos Balogh

Dear Ben and Archie*,

You may have noticed the many stories in the news about how lots of women have been hurt by men. Women like Grace Tame, Brittany Higgins, and many others. It’s been sad to watch their pain. Read more

The Cultivation of Character

By: Dr Justin Coulson

A brave mum raises her hand to ask me a question. There are close to 400 parents in the packed auditorium. The topic was teens and screens, but her question stretches well beyond those boundaries. Read more

The Land of Dumplings and Cheese Pie: A Look into Georgian Culture with Alice Zaslavsky

By: Georgia Free

Australia is a land of many cultures and tongues, and Harmony Week is the perfect time to spotlight a culture Australians may have never have heard of such as Georgia. Former MasterChef contestant Alice Zaslavsky spent just seven years of her life in the tiny country of Georgia but, as an adult, is now reclaiming and celebrating the culture she was born into. Read more