Peter Pan Syndrome and a Challenge to ‘Adult’

By: Russ Matthews

Do you ever wake up wanting to live like Peter Pan? You know the child who never grew up and frolicked in Neverland? Read more

The Bond of Brothers

By: Russ Matthews, God in 60 Seconds

I love the Pixar film Onward because of its depiction of brothers. Read more

Paralysis by Analysis

By: Robert Martin

Years ago when I worked as a marketing analyst, my boss warned me against “paralysis by analysis” – cautioning against spending so much time analysing that we never took any action. Read more

Who Do You Imitate?

By: Robert Martin 

I went for a run recently and the person in front of me signalled right as he turned a corner – and so as I turned the same corner I also inadvertently signalled right. Read more

This Too Shall Pass

By: Sharon Cooper

Ever have those weeks filled with one too many bad days? Or a week so good you don’t want it to end? Read more

Is Barbie Fake?

By: Sam Chan

Did you know they almost ran out of pink paint to make the Barbie movie? That’s because everything in the movie—Barbie’s house, Barbie’s car, Barbie’s town—had to be pink. Read more

Can We Ever Find True Equality?

By: Robert Martin, God in 60 Seconds

Can we ever find true equality? Observing the world around us we clearly aren’t equal. People have different abilities, different incomes, different looks, different opportunities. Read more

Why Do We Love Origin Stories?

By: God in 60 Seconds

Many popular movies are about the origin of certain characters or situations – how they came to be – Batman Begins, X-men origins, Star Wars – the Phantom Menace. Read more

Should We Live the Iphone or Android Way?

By: Andrew Laird

Did you see the recent report that Android users are safer drivers than iPhone users? Read more