Remembering The Baby We Lost: Singer Chris Sebastian Opens Up About His Song, ‘Soon’

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How to Care for a Friend Who Has Lost a Child

By: Brittany Ann

It was 8:00 pm on Valentine’s Day when my husband and I heard a knock that would bring our world crashing down. Before the Marines on our front doorstep had a chance to say a word, I knew. Read more

How to Help Kids Process Grief

By: Robert Garrett

When I was 7, my mum passed away. It wasn’t until some 30 years after the fact, that I was finally able to talk about her without ending up in tears. The impact of unresolved grief, particularly on the developing brain (which already functions in a highly emotive state in teenagers), can have long-term implications. I’ve known adults still struggling decades after a tragic event in their childhood. Read more

You Could Have Been: The Children’s Book Written For Grieving Parents

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Grieving After a Breakup

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