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My Kind of Doctor: “It’s Only Too Much Coffee When It Hurts Your Wallet”

By: Anne Rinaudo

Professor Merlin Thomas is a physician and a scientist in the Department of Medicine at Monash University. His work links the complex disciplines of biochemistry and biology to the real needs of real people; like our real need for real coffee (or tea). Read more

Would You Pay Ten Cents A Litre More For Milk To Help Dairy Farmers?

By: Anne Rinaudo

The dairy industry has hit crisis point as a result of soaring operational costs, crippling drought and ongoing challenges to achieve fair milk prices. The Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation (QDO) have started a change.org petition for a ten cents a litre Drought Levy on milk. Read more

Rusty and Dianne Lawson: Salvos Ministering To Drought Stricken Farmers

By: Anne Rinaudo

The Salvation Army are in drought-affected areas conducting regular visits to farmers and rural communities and helping them in any way they can by distributing food hampers, helping with bill payments and other financial expenses, assisting with farm and household jobs, and providing emotional and practical support. Read more

Responsible Coffee Drinking Combines With Social Enterprise

By: Anne Rinaudo

As we wake up to the reality of environmental impact of the rubbish we create there is a tiny spot of good news. There is a plastic made, not from fossil fuel, but corn and it is totally compostable. Read more

Listen Deeply, Celebrate Creation in September

By: Anne Rinaudo

Christian movement Common Grace is inviting Australians to share in the wonder of creation with a series of reflections and other resources from their climate justice team. The series, called God’s Beautiful Earth, is available by signing up for a weekly email. Read more

“Every AM, Pray For Your PM!” – Scott Morrison’s Former Pastor on the Challenges of Leadership

By: Stephen O’Doherty

“Every AM, pray for your PM.” That’s the request of Scott Morrison’s long-time pastor, Michael Murphy. Read more

Can Superheros Help Our Real World?

By: Anne Rinaudo

Can superheroes teach us some important lessons about how to respond to a crisis? That’s the question Katie Cox, PhD candidate at the Australian National University (ANU), is examining. Her doctoral project investigates the influence of national security in Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’ and its sequels. Read more

World First – Dementia, Sleep Apnoea Linked

By: Anne Rinaudo

Obstructive sleep apnoea has been linked to structural brain changes seen in the early stages of dementia, University of Sydney research reveals. Read more

When Humans are Cloned One Day, How Should Christians Respond?

By: Clare Bruce

Imagine a world where humans are cloned, and babies are tailor-made to fulfil specific roles in society. Read more

David ingles

Would Universal Basic Income Beat Poverty?

By: Anne Rinaudo

Ronald Henderson famously chaired a Commission of Inquiry into Poverty in the early 1970’s.

In his report, Henderson sought to identify the extent of poverty in Australia in terms of inadequate income relative to need. Read more