Restoring Relationships with Good Apologies

By: Ted Cunningham | Focus On The Family

We all deal with difficult relationships. When a relationship is strained we need to find the words that bring healing, not strife and more destruction. Read more

same sex marriage

Same Sex Marriage Legislation: What we can Learn from Canada

By: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House

When Canada legislated nationally for same sex marriage in 2005 many couples took advantage of the new law. But more than a decade later, the latest census shows that same sex marriages make up less than 1 percent of all marriages. Read more

Do You Repeat the Same Mistakes as Others?

By: Alex Cook | Wealth with Purpose

There is a saying that goes like this: “Mistakes are meant for learning, not for repeating.”

Probably most of us, if not all, have experienced repeating the same mistakes of others. But is it really necessary for us to repeat others’ mistakes for us to learn our lesson? Read more


It’s Not about Marriage. It’s about Freedom.

By: Freedom for Faith

“We’ve talked about marriage. Now we need to talk about freedom. We need to go back to how we do life together. We need to be able to express our deepest convictions and live alongside those who have different ones.”

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teen behaviour

Understanding Your Teen’s Behaviour

You CAN understand your teen… and how they think!

Learn what’s going on in your teen’s brain from a neurological perspective,  how to understand your teen’s emotions, and the impact of puberty and hormones. Read more

ssm survey

Rules of Engagement for the SSM Survey

By: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House

The Parliament has enacted special legislation to govern campaigns for the Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey.

In keeping with the survey itself the rules for the campaign are also contentious. Read more

Shape of your Soul

5 Tips: Developing the Shape of your Soul

By: Kaye Hollings

What is the shape of your soul? You’ve probably never thought about it.

Of course, you’ve heard about how important it is to keep physically in shape, get enough sleep, interact with others, and stimulate your brain by learning new things. They’re all vital to good health.

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iphone x

iPhone X: The New Temptation

By: Rodney Olsen.

Did you wake up today feeling like you’re missing out on something? Are you tempted to book your place in the queue for the revolutionary iPhone X? Read more


DadsUNI: Helping Dads become Great Dads

Dads, help is finally here. DadsUNI is a free website dedicated to training and equipping dads.
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Millennial Consumers: Why Coke Has So Many Variants

By: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House.

Soft drink behemoth Coke-a-Cola got a huge shock when Woolworths declared they would not stock yet another variation of the iconic beverage.

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