13 Questions to Ask the Kids, Better Than ‘How Was School Today?’

By: Duncan Robinson

A year into my daughter’s schooling career, I’m realising something: asking the question ‘how was school today?’ gets about as much response as it does when my wife asks me, ‘how was work today?’ Read more

aesthetic artisan group

When Beauty Treatments Become About Life Calling

By: Laura Bennett

Tucked away in a quite alley of a busy Australian city is Aesthetic Artisan Group: a sweet-scented haven for salon-weary clients who seek respite from the impersonal care and rushed pace so many beauty outlets offer.

Walking off the street and into its modernised French provincial setting there’s no hairdryers buzzing or heels hitting floorboards, it’s calm and welcoming. Read more

spend money and time

What Are You Spending?

By: Rodney Olsen

If I gave you a thousand dollars (I’m not going to but let’s pretend for a moment) what would you spend it on? Read more

Emma mullings

Here & Now: A New Single and a New Bub for Emma Mullings

By: Clare Bruce

After the successful release of her Skinny Roads EP in 2017, Emma Mullings has just released a new track for a new year – Here and Now. Read more

dua lipa

Dua Lipa – What the Most Streamed Woman in the UK Can Teach Us About Jesus

By: Sam Chan | Espresso Theology

Dua Lipa has just been named the most streamed woman of 2017 in the UK. She is only 22, but her song New Rules has had 765 million views (to date!). Read more


When a Loved One is Struggling With Addiction

By: Focus On The Family

All people have the potential to be mastered by a life-controlling problem and pulled into the downward spiral of an addiction.

In this podcast we discuss what can be done if someone you know may be struggling with an addiction. Our guest is Malcolm Smith, the founder of the Teen Challenge Rehabilitation Centre in Western Australia. Read more

who our children become

Success: Why We Should Focus On Who (Not What) Our Children Become

By: Dr Justin Coulson | Happy Families

“I’ve got a question for you”, the cab driver stated expectantly. I was on my way to give a talk about parenting. He had asked where I was going and why, and his eyes lit up when he found out what I do for work. Read more


How to Measure Your Success in Life

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Everyone wants to be successful. No one wants to be a failure, so how do you measure your success in life? Read more

Spielberg’s New Film 'The Post' and the Media’s Struggle to Tell the Truth

By: Laura Bennett

In an era of ‘fake news’ and questionable Facebook feeds, Stephen Spielberg’s political thriller The Post is already making waves in government circles, this week being banned in Lebanon and having its historical accuracy challenged. Read more

what's the point

What’s the Point?

By: Elaine Fraser

What if money was no object? What would you do? Read more