How to Build Financial Resilience in a Crisis – 7 Expert Tips From a Debt Coach

By: Stuart Sampson

I am a planner. That’s why I keep a diary. A diary gives me an idea of what to expect, a sense of control. Read more

Coronavirus: — Latest Important Information

By: Clare Bruce

This article provides you with information released up until Tuesday 31st March in regards to COVID-19

Read more

How to Talk to Kids about Bad News in the Media

By: Collett Smart

We know that we can’t shield our children, because they will hear ‘bad news’… from peers, siblings, online… But how much is too much information? And what is age appropriate? (I cover both younger children and teens in this video). Read more

You Can Access The Bank of Heaven

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

The church was earnestly praying to God for him (Acts 12:5, NIV).

Suppose it had been announced that I was to tell the people of this city how they could go to any bank here and get all the money they needed any day in the year, and suppose, also, that I knew that secret and could really tell it, do you think that the people of this city would consider the information important? Read more

How Businesses Can Recalibrate in a Crisis

By: Michael McQueen

In the last few weeks, it has seemed that every day has brought yet another piece of bad news, pushing the world deeper and deeper into crisis mode. With more and more job losses, confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection and uncertainties arising, it is difficult to see the opportunities being offered by a crisis like this. Read more

The HOPE at HOME Online Film Festival Offers Hope in Your Inbox!

By: Movies Change People

So we’re all stuck at home, and some of us are feeling a bit scared. But the truth is, THERE IS HOPE. And what better way to remember that than to get an injection of HOPE in the form of great movies and content, every week for 10 weeks? Read more

Fear Not

By: yesheis

In a relationship with Jesus we can have many life-changing experiences, but there are voices and opinions that say it’s not cool to talk about it. Whether something is said or merely implied, many Christians end up feeling afraid to tell people about Jesus and stop sharing altogether. Read more

The Tomb Is Far Emptier than the Shelves Will Ever Be

By: Stephen McAlpine

It’s coming up to Easter.

Bet you didn’t think Lent 2020 was going to take that much away from you did you? I was hoping people would be giving up oats, baked beans, minced meat and pasta. Read more

Raspberry & Chocolate Chia Bowl Recipe

By: Susan Joy

This is a deliciously healthy, raspberry and chocolate chia breakfast.  By topping with fruit, seeds and nuts you get lots of different flavours and textures in every bite. Chia seeds have a high concentration of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, making this a filling breakfast that should keep you going until lunch. Read more

My Child is Struggling Because Everything Is Being Cancelled

By: Dr Justin Coulson

We’re living in unprecedented times. Offices are shut, streets are increasingly empty, and some people are locking themselves away. The uncertainty that we are grappling with is challenging enough for us as adults, but it’s also hard on our children. Read more