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The Art of Conversation: Are You an Illuminator or a Diminisher?

By: Brian Harris

I recently watched a YouTube talk in which David Brooks discusses his new book How to Know a Person – which explores listening to and seeing others well. Read more

Are You a ‘Preacher’ or a Storyteller?

By: Brian Harris

Though the title might make you think this post is aimed at church preachers, it isn’t. Read more

Five Tips for Difficult Conversations

By: Emily Bemmer 

We’ve all had times we know we ought to say something, but we don’t, because it feels anxiety provoking, or we don’t know where to start! Read more

Why Repetition is a Powerful Tool for Marketers, Teachers and Leaders

By: Michael McQueen

If you have ever found yourself believing that humans only use 10 percent of their brain, that vitamin C cures a cold or that eating carrots improves eyesight, you have experienced the persuasive impact of repetition.[1] Read more

In a Diverse Cultural Landscape, Our Communication May Need to Slow Down

By: McCrindle

Between shorter attention spans and more diverse communities, communication isn’t getting easier. Read more

Breaking Language Barriers: New Tech Giving Real-Time Translations

By: Sam Robinson

Communication might be about to get a whole lot easier with a new piece of tech allowing translation in real-time. Read more

Switchfoot’s Tim Foreman Says Opposition is an Opportunity to Grow

By: Laura Bennett

Switchfoot’s new album Interrobang was produced by a staunch atheist. That may seem like a pretty mundane fact to point out, given people of different faith backgrounds work together all the time, but in this case it meant the band’s album was completely infused with the philosophies their new music is trying to convey. Read more

A Refreshing Conversation Between an Atheist and Christian

By: Robert Martin

There is little doubt that the question of the reality of God is a question which polarises and divides. Why is there such passionate disagreement? Does what we believe even matter? Would it be better people simply stopped bringing it up? Read more

Four Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Hurting

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Once when I was young and I had a position of responsibility of a church, I was called to the hospital bedside of one of the members who had been run over by a truck earlier that day. He had suffered extremely serious injuries and he was lucky to be alive. Read more

Hillsong’s Robert Fergusson on How to Let God Speak Through Your Life Story

By: Laura Bennett

Storytelling is one the oldest forms of communication there is. From ancient oral histories that inform cultural identities to the narratives of the Bible that form the backbone to our Christian faith, stories are a powerful conduit for meaning and belief. Read more