Queen Elizabeth ll – Longest serving English monarch

By: Graham McDonald

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II had two ceremonies to mark the beginning of her public office? The first was her coronation as Queen but the second was her ‘coronation’ as God’s servant. In this second untelevised ceremony, the Queen stood dressed in a simple white dress, devoid of decoration. Read more

You Are Doing Enough – Maintaining Balance in a Busy World

By: Susan Browning

I’m fighting a current I cannot keep swimming in opposition to. You are too. This push and pull of “I’m busy” living. The constant go. The resistance to give way to those waves. I’m finding it really hard to go against the flow of busy too.
Read more

Breakthrough: Miracle on Ice?

By: Rusty Wright

Ever meet someone who died…and lived to tell about it? Breakthrough tells a startling, back-from-the-brink recovery story that’s sure to leave you scratching your head, even if you don’t share the grateful mother’s faith-miracle conclusions. Read more

Four Prayers for Financial Help

By: Alex Cook

Prayers… defined as communion, conversation and fellowship with God. When financial challenges such as unpaid bills, rising debts and lack of provisions overcome you, it is always best to get down on your knees first before taking action. Read more

Who is this Man?

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Have you ever asked yourself the question of who Jesus really was? You’re not the first person to think about that, and you’re certainly not the only one. Read more

SBS TV’s “Christians Like Us” an Extreme Experiment in Communal Christian Living

By: Clare Bruce

If a TV production company approached you, asking if you’d live in a house with nine other Jesus-believers for a week, with TV cameras following your every move, would you do it? Read more

The Founder of Cadbury Was a Social Activist

By: Annie Hamilton

If you’ve ever travelled to the Cadbury factory in Claremont, Tasmania – or to Bourneville in the UK, you may know a little of their remarkable history. Read more

Hailey Bieber Says “Fame Isn’t What You Think”, on Hillsong Channel’s New Season of ‘Now With Natalie’

Above: Natalie Manuel Lee, host of the upcoming new Hillsong Channel TV show ‘Now With Natalie’.

By: Laura Bennett

We spend a lot of time ogling celebrities, their lifestyles, their awards, and ‘who is doing what’. But it’s worth considering the realities of fame. Read more

What to Do When Your Spouse isn’t a Believer

By: Brittany Ann

Should Christians marry non-Christians? Unfortunately for many starry eyed single Christians out there, the Bible clearly states the answer is no. Read more