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“There’s Freedom in Having to Reinvent Yourself” – US Author Shauna Niequist’s New Book

By: Laura Bennett

Sometimes in life change is gradual, and at other times it comes all at once in profound measure. Read more

Space Exploration Reflects a Spiritual Need, Says US Author and Pastor Levi Lusko

By: Laura Bennett

Space has been a billionaire’s playground of late as guys like Elon Musk and Richard Branson contemplate what life beyond our planet might look like, and how humanity could one day conquer “the final frontier”. Read more

You Never Know How God is Working in People’s Lives — Princess’ Story

By: yesHEis

During the pandemic, Princess wanted to reach out and encourage friends with daily bible verses. In turn she was encouraged by how powerful God’s word is at transforming lives. She shares her story… Read more

Integrating Faith and Work? God is Already at Work in Your Workplace

By: Amy Cheng

Faith and work are often seen as separate but the integration of the two can be an important component of engaging with the community, says Christian academic, Kara Martin. Read more

How To See God Everywhere – in the Small, Simple Things

By: Annette Spurr

Recently, I interviewed a young man who had been struggling with addiction since the age of 12. He had completed a program at a Christian rehab centre and while he was there, he encountered Jesus.  Read more

A Simple Secret That Makes Sharing Jesus Easy – Bella’s Story

Bella is a multi-disciplinary creative who is currently working in a creative agency outworking their content creation. She has spent most of her working life in ministry and church.
Read more

Are Your Led by Your Feelings or Faith? 5 Subconscious Lies That Can Deceive Christians

By: Akos Balogh

Over 200 years ago, a revolution was launched across the West. Or rather, revolutions. Western societies began to move away from Christianity. 

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‘The Voice’ Competitor Faith Sosene, Shares of Her Faith in God

By: Steff Willis

24-year-old Faith Sosene stunned the audience and judges of TV’s The Voice, with her audition singing Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’ – which drew a standing ovation, and turned the chairs of all four judges.

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‘Generation For Ever’ – When You Follow Jesus

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

I’m excited to tell you that I belong to Generation For Ever! What generation do you belong to? Just in case you don’t remember all the different terms for recent generations, they go like this: Read more