A Biblical Perspective on Leadership

By: Jim Ware

What does genuine biblical “leadership” look like? “Leadership” in general is an idea that seems to be getting a lot of promotion these days.  Read more

Micah Womens Delegation Advocates For Global Issues

By: Anne Rinaudo

Women leaders from across the denominations of Australia’s churches and Christian organisations came together late last month for a historic visit to Canberra. They were advocating for policies of justice and care for the world’s poor. Read more

Think About Everything You Buy: The Zero Waste Lifestyle

Above: Blogger and author Erin Rhoads

By: Clare Bruce

In her new book Waste Not, eco-blogger Erin Rhoads says that every year, Australian households produce enough rubbish to fill a three bedroom home. Read more

Halloween a Great Opportunity for Good, Says Baptist Minister

By: Clare Bruce

Like it or not, Halloween is entrenched on Australia’s cultural calendar, and is ramping up every year. Read more

Waiting on God Through the Questions

By: Jennie Scott

Her soft voice came through the speaker on my phone, telling the podcast interviewer about the hardest years of her life. This woman has moved overseas, adopted orphaned children, begun a non-profit ministry, and written bestselling books about faith. If anyone shouldn’t admit having certain questions about her faith and her God, it seemed she shouldn’t. Read more

Remembering Eugene Peterson (1932-2018)

Above: Eugene Peterson Picture credit: YouTube/NavPress

By: Sheridan Voysey

“There are people who die well,” beloved pastor and author Eugene Peterson said recently, ‘and I want to be one.’ Well, Eugene achieved his goal. Read more

Does Your Teen Have HSC Exams? Try These Six Simple Tips

By: Duncan Robinson

Teenager: so you’ve started the HSC. You’ve had months of preparation to get to this point. It might be one of the largest and most challenging events that has happened in your life so far. Read more

How to Flourish at Work

By: Stephen O’Doherty

Why do we work? Ask around and you are likely to encounter more than a few strange, quizzical looks. Why would any sensible person even ask that question? We just have to, right? And to flourish at work, well that’s a nice idea, but… Read more

Chocolate and Coconut Slice

By: Susan Joy

This delicious chocolate and coconut slice is moist and chewy and best of all it’s quick and easy to make. It’s perfect for those requiring a healthy treat that doesn’t contain any eggs or nuts. Read more

Christians Can React to Queensland’s Abortion Laws with Gracious Compassion

By: Warren Nunn

In the aftermath of the Queensland’s Parliament decision to endorse radical abortion laws, the Christian community has been called to act with gracious compassion. Read more