How To Keep Kids Motivated To Play Sport

By: Dr Justin Coulson

In some circles, junior sport has become a hotbed of competition and comparison. The push to “do your best” starts early. Kids want to win and they put pressure on themselves to beat their competitors. But often there is downward pressure from parents and even coaches (who, let’s face it, are often just enthusiastic parents themselves). Read more

Grain and Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns

By: Susan Joy

These hot dog buns came about after I received a message from a mum. Her daughter needed a grain and gluten free bun that looked like other kids buns for when she went to parties. I’ve used yeast to help create a soft-centred bun (choose a yeast without additives, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the type for baking bread). They are perfect to cradle your hot dog or sausage in. Read more

Recognising Casual Disrespect in Your Relationship

By: Focus On The Family

Note: This article has been written from the perspective of women in the context of marriage, but applies to both men and women in friendships and dating included!

Showing disrespect has become a modern marriage pastime. We laugh as our favourite on-screen wives make fools out of their husbands, and before long we’re talking like these leading ladies. Read more

The Beauty and Burden of Brokenness

By: Jennie Scott

Each morning, the screens in my life shout and show turmoil. World leaders making threats and calling each other names. Read more

Will They Get to Miami? Emma & Terrence Mullings’ Story on ACCTV

By: Clare Bruce

If you’ve followed the story of Emma and Terrence Mullings, you’d be forgiven for wondering at times in the past 12 months – “when are they going to Miami?” Read more

Why I Let My Kids go to Schoolies

By: Susan Sohn

Schoolies is an interesting topic and one that seems to evoke a lot of emotion within parents. To send or not to send, to allow or not seems to be the question for most parents. Read more

Campaign Calls to Love The Unborn in Rising Social Pressure To Have Abortions

By: Anne Rinaudo

The Queensland Government recently moved to decriminalise abortion in that state. NSW is now the only state where abortion remains within the criminal code. Read more

You Could Have Been: The Children’s Book Written For Grieving Parents

By: Clare Bruce

When Ann-Maree Imrie lost her first baby mid-pregnancy, her whole world crumbled. Read more

Paleo Chocolate Crackles

By: Susan Joy

I’ve turned an unhealthy high-sugar kids birthday party treat, into a healthy nourishing snack. My version of crispy chocolate crackles contain organic coconut, sunflower seeds and flaked almonds in place of processed cereal. This recipe can also be made nut-free. Read more

Our Christian Responsibility To Care About Prisoners

By: Anne Rinaudo

It is easy to love the people who accept our love and to care for those grateful to be helped. Does our call to love our neighbour really include the gruff and ungrateful, the people who have been removed from society for criminal acts? Read more