The Healing Power of Forgiveness

By: Annette Spurr

Carolann’s life began on the devastated, post World War II streets of London, when Londoners still shook with fear at every loud noise, believing that war could reignite at any given moment.
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What To Do When Your Child Lies To You

By: Dr Justin Coulson

You enter the kitchen. Your child looks at you like she’s hiding something. You see cake crumbs on the counter and the tips of her fingers.
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Creamy Thai Cauliflower Soup

By: Susan Joy

This is the perfect winter warming soup. The red curry paste gives a delicious spicy Thai flavour to this creamy, filling soup. The whole family will love it; its even been approved by my 9 year old grandson. Read more

Jack’s Butterflies. Freeing Families From The Cocoon Of Disease

By: Timothy Charles

You may never look at a butterfly in the same way after hearing Jack’s story. Jack Gates, the fourth of six children, was born with Ohtahara Syndrome in 2011 Read more

Let’s Be Collaborators, Not Competitors!

by: Harriet Connor

As a mum, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of seeing other mothers as competitors. When we meet another mum, we immediately start making comparisons; we want to know how we “rank” against her in different areas: our parenting, our appearance, our children, our cooking, our job etc.

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Instagram Changes with the Times

By: McCrindle

One of the biggest stories in the social media world is Instagram’s recent announcement to hide the total number of likes on posts.
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How to Focus Your Peripheral Vision

By: Michael McQueen

The most disruptive threats that you and your business will face will come from the periphery.
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The Importance of Saying “Yes”

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Jesus knew that this was his final journey to Jerusalem, and that his time with his disciples was short. That’s why, as he walked, he tried to teach them what was most important. Read more

What is Nutritional Yeast?

By: Susan Joy

What is Nutritional yeast? Here’s your comprehensive guide to the health benefits and how to use it in your everyday meals. Read more

How to Strengthen the Moral Character of Our Kids Through Prayer

By: Brittany Ann

When we think about what we want for our kids, is there anything more important than building a strong moral foundation that will deepen and grow as they do? Read more