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The Trends of 2024: What to Expect

By: Mark McCrindle

While it may not feel like it sometimes, the future is not an inevitable destination, but something that is shaped by trends – and these can be influenced if understood and responded to. Read more

The Year That Was: What Trended in 2023

By: Mark McCrindle

The year 2023 saw an array of trends and events occur. From social trends to consumer shifts and developments in technology, we take a look at some of the trends that shaped the year and how Australians responded. Read more

Hybrid Worker FOMO and Emerging Trends in the New World of Work

By: Mark McCrindle

In a post-COVID era where Australians have become adept at juggling hybrid work, remote setups, and traditional office routines, the choice of where to work is no longer just about logistics. Read more

The Costs of Working in Australia

By: Mark McCrindle

In a world marked by the proliferation of hybrid work models and newfound opportunities to either work from the comfort of our homes or the traditional office, the true costs to work and the finances associated are unveiled. Read more

How Young Australians are Shaping the Future of Shopping

By: Mark McCrindle

In a cultural transformation, young Australians are increasingly adopting the role of ‘identity consumers,’ using their purchasing choices to express personal values and identity. Read more

Personalisation is Getting Personal: Here’s Where Tech Trends Meet Food Fads

By: Michael McQueen

If there are two trends that consumers have come to prioritise in recent years they are personalisation and health. Read more

The Changing Age of Self-Learning

By: Mark McCrindle

In today’s digital age, self-learning has taken on new dimensions, with different generations turning to diverse platforms to acquire knowledge. Read more

The Future of Healthcare: The Quantified Self Movement

By: Michael McQueen

We live in an age where more and more of our daily lives is being monitored and measured by AI-powered tools. Read more

What Subtitles Say About Our Changing Viewing Habits

By: Amy Cheng

More and more people are turning on subtitles to watch TV shows and movies, including programs in English or their own language. Read more

Virtuous Consumerism: A Growing Consumer Trend

By: Mark McCrindle

The rise of virtuous consumerism highlights the growing concern for the future of our planet and the need for sustainable practices. Read more