The Story of the Church is Deep and Rich, and Full of Heroes Like These

By: Sheridan Voysey

I’m not much of a history buff. I find all those names and dates hard to remember, and all too frequently I get my kings, queens and villains all mixed up. Read more

You Are Doing Enough – Maintaining Balance in a Busy World

By: Susan Browning

I’m fighting a current I cannot keep swimming in opposition to. You are too. This push and pull of “I’m busy” living. The constant go. The resistance to give way to those waves. I’m finding it really hard to go against the flow of busy too.
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Major Milestones for UK Wall of Answered Prayer Christian Landmark

By: Global News Alliance

The Wall of Answered Prayer is a piece of public art with one million bricks, each representing an answered prayer.
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‘I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ – The Aussie Director Behind Joshua Harris’ Documentary

By: Laura Bennett

In 1997 a 21 year-old Joshua Harris wrote, ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’, the Christian youths’ so-called guidebook to saving sex for marriage, and approaching romantic relationships with fresh intentionality. Read more

The rise of the ‘Kidult’ in Australia

By: McCrindle

The proportion of young adults, or ‘kidults’ living at home in their 20s is on the rise, new data from The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) shows.
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“Poms” a Warm-Hearted Comedy [Movie Review]

By: Laura Bennett

Culturally, we seem to be pretty set on the idea that ageing and restriction go hand in hand. But, if living in a retirement community is anything like it’s portrayed in Poms, you’ll want to rid yourself of your younger years real quick.
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Stepping In With Other People’s Kids

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Dear Dr Justin,

My 15-year-old son was hanging out in his bedroom with one of his friends. When I walked by, I saw my son’s friend frantically trying to stash a packet of cigarettes into his bag! I was horrified, but since he isn’t my child, I wasn’t sure how or if I should intervene (I did talk to my son later). What should I have done?

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Are There Practical Ways To Share Jesus Online?

By: Reuben Skewes

With the world population at 7.5 billion people, and those that identify as Christian at 2.4 billion, there is still much to be done. Thankfully, the opportunities to share Jesus are endless! Especially online! Read more

‘Loud Krazy Love’ – Korn Guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch Reveals How God Restored His Shattered Soul

By: Laura Bennett

Very few artists reach the ‘giddy heights’ of commercial success that Korn did, but with that success came the worst of fame’s pitfalls.
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10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Fun Again

By: Brittany Ann

My husband and I have been married almost eight years now. Short enough that we are still learning every day, but long enough that we’re starting to fall into some of the same ol’ routines. Read more